Looking for an Apartment? A Must Follow Guidelines


Buying an apartment has never been easier. Because a wrong move and you can lose all your savings.

However, if you keep some points in your mind, it could be much easier.

Here are some must follow guidelines before you purchase an apartment in a residential project:

Research And Study: It is one of first and most important steps of purchasing your future home. Selecting a right apartment is critical and before you come at the final decision, you should do proper research about that project such as quality, finishes, infrastructure and amenities.

Keep your eye open and listen what real estate consultants are suggesting? What the experts are talking about that project in real estate forums?

While it may be a time consuming task, it is worth the effort. You will also find some hidden truth that you might never know before research.

Builder’s Reputation: Make sure you pick the right developer who has a good track record and credible background. Also, you need to check if the basic facilities and amenities are being provided or not? With a reputed developer, you can avoid the risk of the wrong investment.

Double Check: There are lots of fake listings available on the web. There are possibility of fake listing when you visit the expired listing through the portals. That’s why double check on the listing that you see on the portal if it is possible visit that site by yourself to verify the property.

Select Home Loan Carefully: Do the proper research online and pick the best home loan from them who have the  best interest rates, application fee, tenure, partial payment flexibility, EMI amount, etc. Get the all important paper ready before applying for the loan, otherwise, your application for bank loan could be rejected.

Get all the necessary knowledge: Make sure you have every information about the project in which you are going to invest including booking amount, stamp duty and other taxes, time of possession, the facilities provided to cancellation fees if any etc.

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